Tree Services


When seeking permission for any scale of development, either domestic or commercial, the council may require a tree survey as part of the planning application. Property and Land Services (Highlands) Ltd are highly experienced in producing reports in accordance with the British Standard BS5837 Trees in Relation to Demolition, Design and Construction regulations.

All our reports and surveys are presented in a clear and concise format and supplied bound together with plans where necessary. We collect information using  GPS or Total Station which enables us to plot trees on a digital Ordnance Survey or our own topographic site plan allowing for ease of identification for the client and for those undertaking any subsequent works.

All trees surveyed will be accurately plotted on a tree constraints plan at a suitable scale. The accompanying schedule will contain the following information:

  • Tag/Reference number of the all trees surveyed.
  • Tree species (either common or scientific names).
  • Estimated Height in Metres.
  • Stem diameter in millimetres, measured at 1.5m from ground level.
  • The extent of the crown spread (North, East, South, West) in metres.
  • Age class of tree (young, middle age, mature, over mature, veteran).
  • Estimated remaining contribution in years (<10, 10+, 20+, 40+).

All trees on the plan will be categorised using the colour system from BS 5837 2012.