Frequently Asked Questions

A topographical survey is an accurate representation of an area of land showing all natural and man-made features with associated levels. If the purpose of the survey is to serve as a base map for the design of a building, it may also be necessary to show perimeter boundary lines. PALS offer a wide range of topographical survey services which vary depending on the client’s specification.
We often update many plans we have previously surveyed, or even update plans that were not originally surveyed by us. New boundaries, new levels, new roads etc potentially mean new surveys being required with updated data combined with the existing survey. Please feel free to get in contact so we can advise further.
PALS specialise in the provision of measured building and land survey data in digital format for use in CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) systems as used by the vast majority of architects, engineers and contractors right across the UK. If you need data in a different format for your system then we are more than happy to accommodate your request.
The detail included in a measured building survey will vary depending on the client’s requirements, and will differ for the purposes of design, planning or feasibility. The structural elements including walls, columns and beams are shown on the floor plans, elevations and sections. All features such as doors and windows are then added with levels and descriptive text to give a clear representation. From heritage to modern buildings, we can offer a tailored solution to suit your requirements and budget.
3D Laser Scanning or High Definition Surveying HDS is a non-intrusive means of rapidly collecting detailed and accurate survey data. High Definition Survey uses a narrow laser beam to “sweep across” a target object, so that hundreds of thousands of closely spaced measurements can be taken in a matter of minutes. When these scanned measurements are displayed on a computer, a dense “point cloud” representation of the target results, which can then be viewed like a 3D model.


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