Property & Land Surveys (Highlands) Ltd was established in 1974 to meet the North Sea Oil industry’s growing demand for professional surveying, setting out and monitoring services.

New infrastructure for the building of oil platforms, access to these sites and housing for the influx of workers to the area, provided our initial work, the dimensional control of the structures for the North Sea followed.

Since then our client base has increased dramatically and taken the company into new survey fields.

In 1989 Property and Land Surveys invested in electronic data collection and a computer based survey system. Since that time over seven thousand surveys of various sizes have been carried out. We maintain a library of survey data, available to our original client, either for replacement or update.

We provide topographic surveys, deed plans, long and cross sections, volumetric calculations, building elevations and floor plans.

We also provide a setting out service and structural monitoring.

PALS has always sought to invest in the latest technology in order to maximise efficiency and productivity for our clients and to ensure the best possible drawings and data. We have recently invested in Laser Scanning technology in order to augment our existing survey services and to offer new opportunities.


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Q. What is 3D Laser Scanning?

A. 3D Laser Scanning or High Definition Surveying HDS is a non-intrusive means of rapidly collecting detailed and accurate survey data. High Definition Survey uses a narrow laser beam to "sweep across" a target object, so that hundreds of thousands of closely spaced... View all FAQs